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In the age of rapid population growth, climate change and volatile global economic conditions, the need to improve the sustainability and efficiency of cities have not been as urgent as it is now.

Our Center responds through its research to the important global need for the formation of environmentally, socially and economically sustainable cities and villages. As such, it provides an intellectual base for a wide range of urban researchers.

About US

Who are we?

URC was established in January 2016, is a dynamic multidisciplinary Urban Research Center registered in UK and certified offices in the Middle East, specialist in city’s study and relies on key experienced staff members that worked on successful projects with UN agencies and INGOs.


What are our Field?

Business Framework

Local Business Environment Framework

Business Requirements

  • Macroeconomic Environment
  • Infrastructure
  • Public Institutions
  • Education & Training
  • Financial Services
  • Security

Business Environment (Business-level Factors)

  • Profit Strategy
  • Process Efficiency
  • Labor Efficiency
  • Marketing Tactics
  • Capacity for Innovation


  • Local Market
  • Regional & National Markets
  • International Markets

Business Environment (Market-level Factors)

  • Competition
  • Networks

What We Do?

Our Work

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